Ulmus Memoriam

The latest news on my Elm Sculpture.

Keith Pettit working on the Elm Memorial
As part of the project 'Ulmus Maritime' jointly run between ESCC and 'The Conservation Foundation'

The work on the sculpture has been carried out over the summer and is now nearing completion.

To read more on some of the background of how the sculpture came to be, visit HERE

To read more about the project the sculpture is part of click HERE

I was hoping to blog more during the progress of the sculpture but it has been a busy time- and unfortunately the work has been carried out with a backdrop of lots of uncertainties- and even now this blog was meant to be an announcement of at least a temporary unveiling- but even this is still unclear, it has been, and continues to be immensely frustrating not being able to share definite news.

Sadly the original plans to site the sculpture permanently on the Tye, Alfriston are at best on hold. Alfriston Parish Council were keen to support the project and agreed that siting the Memorial on the Tye- the epicentre of all the work now being undertaken to preserve the last rural population of Elms in the country- would be one positive result of all the felling that is having to be carried out. Unfortunately they were unable to find anyone to organise the necessary funds to enable the project to be completed. Which results in the sculpture not as of yet having a permanent home- this however is a something I am confident will be only a minor blip and a positive solution will shortly be found.

Alfriston Festival Committee have agreed that the sculpture can be sited on the Tye for Alfriston's 'Village Day' which is this August Bank holiday (25th) which starts at 1pm. As I have said above there is still an element of uncertainty about this- if you keep and eye on my Facebook and Twitter pages I will confirm things as soon as I possibly can.  I have been waiting for so long to share definite news- however, it feels if I wait any longer Monday will have come and gone!

My incredibly generous (and exceptionally talented) friend Jim Holden came along and took some amazing photos last week, I've posted some of those below.

I really hope I can share some definite news with you as soon as I can.


The 'reverse' of the screen is the sun setting or rising on the future of the Elms?



mild steel rooks across the screen Keith Pettit

mild steel rooks across the screen steel rooks fly across the face of the screen


Part of the latin inscription

Part of the Latin Inscription- find the translation HERE



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