Ulus Memorium's new (temporary) home

I've just finished installing Ulmus Memoriam at Bentley Wildfowl.

I had forgotten how much I love Bentley, it was nice to be back amid the hive of activity with everyone getting ready for the Woodfair this weekend (details here).

Bentley have given me a brilliant spot, if you're visiting you won't miss it, it should be the first thing you see as you enter Bentley.

I shall be on site all day Firday and Saturday afternoon and possibly Sunday too, I have the added complication of having an Open Studio at my workshop (Details here) so I'm not quite sure if I'll be at Bentley or not.

If you coming along to the woodfair- pop along and say hello.

Tags: Keith Pettit, Elm memorial, Dutch Elm Disease, Bentley Wood Fair , Bentley Wildfowl, Ulmus Memoriam, Conrvation FOundation