Peacehaven Gateways underway

A project that was first talked about back in early September- is at last making real physical progress.

If you unaware of the back ground and design of this project, have a look at this earlier blog post where I outline the plans

The oak was milled at Copford Sawmills I really cannot recommend Alex and his son Harry enough, they always look after me so well. Mid December saw the 6 slabs of oak delivered- each piece weighs around half a ton.

And here they all are laid out in the winter sun. The barn I'm using is just outside the village here in East Hoathly - it is such an idyllic spot- my only neighbour is a Barn Owl! The views are magnificent.

Here's a photo of the setting winter sun reflecting of the oak - sun rays and medullary rays!

Perculiar skies with Windover Hill in the distance - funny that the site (Lullington) where I carved the Elm Memorial, my last big scale sculpture, in the summer can be seen(almost!) from the barn I'm now working in.

Here's the slabs drawn up and the holes for the stained glass inserts are being drilled out. A time lapse film of me drawing up can seen here

I absolutely love winter light- I am itching to be painting.....beautiful light earlier today. It is such a intensly inspirational place to be working- the views and light are constantly changing. utterly wonderful! The work at the moment is really hard (moving half ton slabs with just a iron bar is not easy!) but being out in the elements is a bit cold, but so exhillirating.

This is how I've left the slabs this afternoon - all the holes have been drilled throug and the contours of Peacehaven have been cut with the saw. Next job is to carry on cutting out the contours and clear the waste wood. Here's a link through to a time lapse of todays work

It was a grey, wet, dark wind swept site I left this evening so here's a photo from the other day with the setting winter sun illuminating a line of beautiful oaks and the near full moon already rising





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