Peacehaven Gateways (slow) progress

A quick update on this weeks progress on the gateways

A bit of a frustrating week unfortuantely this week. My old trusty chainsaw clearly didn't like the new shiney addition to the stable and promptly died on Saturday.

I couldn't work on Monday as I had instructions from BT saying I had to be home for the engineer who was plugging our internet into the fiber optic. Predictably he didn't show up.

Lost a lot of Tuesday morning trying to resusitate the broken chainsaw - sadly it was confimred it was very dead - have commited to buy a second hand Stihl MS 026 - which I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on- it is a lovely saw (to be honest my old MS 180 I had well and truly grown out of).

I checked my emails to see if I could work out when BT may come, they've moved the date to Wednesday now....

It was another beautiful (windy) afternoon - I continue to be beguiled by the beautiful light - I suspect the oaks above will feature a few more times before the project is done!

Work progress well on Tuesady, failing light meant I didn't quite get all the waste wood chainsawed out. However, it is exciting to at last really see the gateways taking shape, I can at last get a real feel for them.

I spent the day at home on Wednesday - I happy to say the fiber has been plugged in- the speeds are brilliant- hoewer it was clear there was absolutely no need for me to have to be at home while they switched it on....thanks BT! Still at least I had some time to work on my latest wood engraving.

So, back to the sculpture Thursday morning. At last I could spent a bit of uninterrupted time on it - made really good progress finished removing the waste wood from the contours. Then using the Arboteck powerplane I begun to finish the surface. Managed to get that all done. Back tomorrow to give it a quick sand back - cut the waste wood away from the holes and then I'll have to start trying to turn the slabs of oak over ready to start the other side.

Here are the first two slabs after I've given them a going over with the Power Plane (a rather splendid blade that fits inot a 4" grinder) note I've rounded off the edge to make it more tactile.

Third slab done

Again beautiful light this afternoon - I love the subtle colours of winter- look at the green of the trunks of the trees - wonderful!

And again the sun treated me to a dazzling show at the end of the day - this lovely low winter light brings out the colours in oak quite magnificently

Thanks for reading, if this is your first visit - and you would like to know more about the Peacehaven Gateways project - Here a link through to the concept and sketches

And here's a link through to last weeks progress

I'll update the blog with new news - and a photo of my new (second hand chainsaw!) soon.