Concept for Elm Memorial sculpture for 2014's Towner East Sussex Open


An outline of the concept for the Elm 'Memorial' sculpture, I'm hoping to make and enter into the Towners East Sussex Open Exhibition.

VGateway18 JH

I've had in mind an installation taking the form of an oak screen similar to the Village Gateway I made a few years ago- More info HERE and wanted to enter it into the Towner Galleries fantastic exhibiton for a couple of years now.

After meeting with the National Trust at Birling Gap to discuss some letter carving they want me to do on some huge slabs of elm. I modified the idea and suggested to the NT I could use their elm to create a elm memorial screen. They loved the idea. So a week later I travelled to the barn where the elm was stored (after running the idea past a BBC reporter  and they said they may well be interested in reporting the making of the sculpture) opened the doors of the barn to find...the elm had disappeared!

I am trying to contact someone within ESCC to see if I can find another source of elm- but have yet to have any luck.

Fast forward to the very windy start to the this week (28th October 13) and I happend to tweet "any large elms down in ? plse get in touch- have an idea for a large sculpture for E.Sx Open". I've had a huge response to the request- so I thought I'd better flesh out the idea.

The idea I have is for a large screen made up of two interlocking "C's", made of 3" thick elm planks butted up to one another- so they need to be at least 18" or wider. not sure of the exact dimensions but possibly 12' long and arching from 4' to 9' high. The screen will be quite roughly craved with a chainsaw- I think the rough texture will create an exciting contrast to the Towner Galleries pristine concrete walls. On one side will be a line of winter elms with the pom pom like rookeries in the upper branches- on the reverse would be a very stratified sunset. Onto this screen would be steel silouhettes of flying rooks. And surrounding the base would be a carved latin inscription saying something like 'In memory of the noble giants that once lived in our landscape- the English Elm'.

Currently I have nothing to fund this idea with- however until I can find enough elm the idea is not going to leave the drawing board. So if there is anyone who can help acheive this piece of art - please, please drop me a line (especially if you have a huge elm needing re homing!)

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