Lewes Artwave 2013

News of this years 'Art @ the Hive' part of this years Lewes Artwave Festival.

Where my new engraving 'Longman' will be available for the first time.

Wood engraving Longman of Wilmington Keith A Pettit

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As ever at the Hive there will be an exciting mix of artists to see;

I'm sure no one in Lewes will need an introduction to the incredibly talented Rupert Denyer- he has become a regular feature of the Lewes street scene- regularly camped out, capturing the hussle and bussle of Lewes- always I think capturing the weathers mood brilliantly.

Sue Haseltine will be bringing her beautiful art inspired by our local landscape- from the delicate but dramatic acrylics to her vibrant printmaking.

Rachel Bell whome I'm sure a lot of you will not have come across before, will I predict "steal the show" - with a background in ecology and conservation, she has found a very unique way to work with porcelene to continue her passion for our natural world- producing the most beautiful, delicate lamps and nightlights- we will have to regularly dim the lights so they may be seen in their true "light"!

And possibly something unique to Artwave this year we are also joined by Rachel's Mum- Deryn (are there any other mother and daughters exhibiting together?). Deryn is a sculptor working in stone producing delightful studies of animals which have a wonderful sense of life about them- you can see Deryn always really captures the essence of the being in her wonderful studies.

As last year I will be at the Hive with my wood engravings- giving live demonstrations from 'sketch to press' every Saturday, accompanied by my trusty Adana press- which children young and (very!) old will be welcome to play with. I will aso be running two evening workshops at the Hive, giving people the oppprtunity to experience the basics of this rare and quintessentially english art medium- more details HERE

We are having a Launch Party on Thursday 22nd August 6pm - til 9pm, it would be lovely to see you all there, please pop by.

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